Office Complex "Stella Park"



Office Complex "Stella Park"


The Office Complex "Stella Park" is located on regulated plot- II, 9, blv."Tsarigradsko Shose 7-th kilometer" in a close proximity to ZIT and Office 1 Super Store. This is the Hi-tech zone in Sofia, which is one of the fastest growing places in the capital. The location is extremely communication accessible. It is equipped with a brand new hydropower station, optical cables, electric power station, and new water supply and sewerage. It is surrounded by top-notch roads. It is location at the half-way mark between the Center of Sofia , the Airport, the Roundabout freeway, and the two highways connecting the main cities in Bulgaria.

The whole complex is architected according to Class "A" specifications, which include centralized air-conditioning, wiring, video-surveillance systems, fire alarm, controlled access and security provided by COT.

The building complex is 16 000 square meters is size and consists of 4 sections /A, B, C, D/, among which there is a restaurant, a café and a cuisine. The sections consists of warehouses, art halls on two levels, and 4 floors of offices.

The showrooms are 6 meters in light-accessible height, and internally consist of 2 floors, 3 meter in height each. They can be used for showcase of over-sized merchandise. Each floor has an office attached to it. If needed, the 2 floors can be unified, thus creating larger space that is most convenient to serve as local trade center, bank branch, fashion center, fitness/relax center.

The most unique features of "Stella Park" are its strategic and communication - friendly location, high ceilings /6 meters at the showrooms, 4,10 meters at the warehouses and offices/, as well as the durability of its structure which is capable of holding 2 000 kilograms per square meter, thus allowing its room to be used for all types of "clean manufacturing".

The complex is built with support from "D Commerce Bank", which has provided its finalization through target credit.

The complex was put into operation with RP: No CT-05-1227/14.10.2019g. from DNSK, with address 7 Prof. Konstantin Iliev Str